Reliable Partner

CEO Thomas Tebbich

SK Sturm fascinates people all over Styria and beyond the borders. For a lot of people soccer equals emotion and passion. It creates an environment that is ideal for companies and brands to put their name out there in the spotlight. The brand Sturm Graz creates a brand recognition and sympathy for its partners.  

"We charge your brand with the positive emotion of sport"

Thomas Tebbich

With more than 2.000 fan club members, 110.000 Facebook fans, 185 million spectators over the television per year and an average of 10.500 fans in the stands, the with traditions loaded Sturm Graz can be considered one of the most popular clubs in all of Austria. The “blackies” are well known for their loyal partnerships. Two excellent examples are the more than 20 years long partnership with Puntigamer and the decades-long partnership with Raiffeisen.
Numerous companies use the many marketing options the club offers to target and reach their respected markets. From something as simple as the brand’s exposure on the LED walls around the playing field, over business events inside the stadium, to individual online advertising packages, simply everything is possible. Our digital channels are among the most successful ones in Austria and offer a variety of possibilities. Our partners advertisements exposure reaches a value equal to 48,4 million Euros
SK Sturm Graz and the Merkur Arena are the ideal platforms for you to put your brand in the spotlight. It is our mission to help our partners to individual marketing concepts and to improve those for the future. We want to reach the same level of passion by your customers for your brand like we experience it from our fans. You too should benefit from the various marketing opportunities and the wide network of Sturm Graz.